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This new plugin makes your headphones sound like Abbey Road

Waves and Abbey Road Studios have teamed up for a new plugin called Waves Abbey Road Studio 3. The new concept promises to re-create the acoustics of the control room of Abbey Road Studio 3 inside your headphones. It claims to model the stereo imaging and complete acoustic surroundings and lets you change your ‘speaker’ model between near-field, mid-field and far-field.

Using the Waves NX headphone technology, the acoustic space changes as you physically rotate your head. Waves claim that using the plugin avoids the common issues when mixing in headphones including inaccurate stereo imaging and issues with the low end. Many would argue that a flat headphone response is preferred over one that models a specific space and that the response will change depending on the quality of headphones used. 

Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

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