You are into showbiz, invest in your brand -Merqury Quaye advises DJs

The days when Disc Jockeys were regarded merely as people who ensure that selected tracks play at an event or show is long gone.

Disc Jockeying has transformed greatly with many innovations and developments giving the world a different perception about the profession.

DJs do not only select music but also mix, scratch, ignite audiences and influence societies with the aid of the turntable.

This new perception requires that Disc Jockeys project a good brand that attracts other brands.

In an interview monitored by ghanadjawards.org on Bryt Fm, the C.E.O of Merqury Republic, Merqury Quaye encouraged DJs to invest in their craft and strategically position their brands.

He believes that DJ especially those in Ghana would be well appreciated and remunerated if they project a good brand.

‘Some of the DJs just complain about how they are paid but they are rather not working on their branding. Branding is really the key. Trust me. If DJs start to brand themselves, they will be well paid and respected’, he said.

Merqury Quaye stressed that DJs are dominant figures within the showbiz arena and thus they should keep a good appearance particularly with their choice of costume.

By: Maxwell Amoofia/ghanadjawards.org


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