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Watching Billy Ocean grew my interest in Video Jockeying – DJ Xpliph

Q. Briefly tell us about Xpliph and how you started off as a DJ?

DJ Xpliph: My real name is Raphael Osei Duah, a Performing Art graduate from the University of Ghana, Legon. I majored in Radio, Film and Television production.

I started using Xpliph at a very young age. I actually started off as a rapper back in St Bernadette in Dansoman.

Djing started as a hobby, then I went professional in 2008 when I started playing Party Mixx at Vibe Fm on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm to 12 am.

Q. When did you venture into Video Disc Jockeying?

DJ Xpliph: I started video jockeying in 2013… I used to watch Billy Ocean and I started researching about video jockeying. I realised that space was vacant and decided to jump into it.

Q. How different is the normal DJ work from Video Disc Jockeying?

DJ Xpliph: Video jockeying deals mainly with video (visuals) and graphics unlike the other which is audio. Aside you thinking about matching BPM and audio transitions, you have to factor video transition and also video quality or matching videos.

Q. Apart from mixing videos on TV, is there anywhere a Video Disc Jockey can exhibit his skills?

DJ Xpliph: At all kinds of events whether it is corporate or outdoor events provided screens are available. In recent times, I have played at major corporate and outdoor events. We play at the clubs and pubs as well.

Q. Are Video DJs many in Ghana? And how lucrative is the trade?

DJ Xpliph: Video DJs are not as many as DJs but I see people are gradually understanding the craft and are turning to it

Video DJing is lucrative with proper branding.

The craft itself is expensive. You need a High Resolution laptop, Big Hard Drive, Screens, Projectors, your equipment and you also have to buy the video plug-in in either Virtual Dj or Serato. Factoring all these, it makes the charges a bit high, so Ghanaians sometimes find it difficult to go for Video DJs.

Q. Aside GH One TV, where else do you work?

DJ Xpliph: Fiesta TV, which is part of EIB Network.
I sometimes play at Live FM or Starr FM, both belonging to EIB as well.

Q. Do you have any new projects coming up? If yes, tell us about it.

DJ Xpliph: I just launched my annual video Mixtape series vol 6 – Xtape VI (6) at cockpit

Xtape is Ghana’s first ever graphical video mixtape series. After last year’s launch at Oasis Pool and Lounge and this year’s at Cockpit Bar and Lounge, fans from other regions keep requesting we bring it to them. We are about starting a nation wide tour with the tape.
My next stop is Takoradi. The dates will be communicated soon.

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