DJing In The Clouds: The Nerve-racking Future of Playlist Storage

With the data industry continuing to grow and solidify itself in this technology driven world, we wonder how it will continue to affect the DJ industry with full force. Cloud storage systems such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive seem to be here to stay and the amount of music output in the world continues to grow. This raises several questions about the future of cloud storage and music.

How soon will we be relying solely on cloud storage for performances? Will our set-up rest solely upon a strong Internet connection? Many nightclubs across the country were built decades ago and aren’t Wi-Fi friendly. With the future moving towards eliminating USB ports, will we be forced to move to cloud storage? Will the cloud storage industry even think about DJs? The hassle of all the problems that can arise in this technological transition are fear inducing.

Regardless, it is possible that in the future we will see a DJ walk into a venue hookup his or her laptop to a controller or DVS system and Mix all their music through a cloud storage with cue points, play list data, and crates all there, while seamlessly providing the crowd with a quality-sound output. This all sounds great in theory but for it to work and be trustworthy is the biggest issue. DJs need to be able to carry along from gig to gig without buffering or track loading derailing a live set.

Unfortunately, we are nowhere close to answering the questions posed in this article. We are at a point where musicians and music lovers across the globe are hunting down a secure location to store their cherished library of tunes. Currently there stands four top choices for safekeeping, including Gobbler, DJ Backup, Splice, and SugarSync, all offering a viable option for file storage for audio files. However, none are intelligently equipped to cross integrate with the current DJ software being used today.

How long must we wait before Dropbox or Google Drive have their own crate inside Serato, updated by the day and ready for use? Or will we continue to carry around external storage to events, just to feel complete with music in hand? I’d like to think someone out there is thinking about all of this, but only time will tell.

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