GOOD NEWS for DJs! Apple Music rolls out new project to pay DJs for Mixtapes


Apple has rolled out a new process to identify and compensate all creators featured in a DJ Mix on Apple Music.

Apple Music has created a revolutionary new process – in cooperation with major and independent labels- whereby it can properly identify and directly pay the rights holders within a DJ Mix.

Now for the first time ever, DJ Mixes will actually have long term monetary value for all creators involved- a seemingly impossible feat until today.

Building upon incredible Shazam technology, Apple has developed a tool that will allow Apple Music to properly identify and compensate all of the individual creators involved in making a particular DJ Mix – including any artists behind the music in the mix.

Apple is working with the DJs, and the suppliers of the DJ Mixes including festivals, clubs, promoters, curators and independent labels to ensure that they are compensated fairly.

  • There are already thousands of mixes to enjoy on Apple Music with many more being added regularly.
    • Studio K7!’s DJ Kicks archive of mixes will start coming to the service this Friday
    • During Black Music month we commissioned DJ Mixes from Honey Dijon, Amorphous, DBN Gogo, DJ Clue, Dām Funk, Funk Flex and more.
    • Boiler Room mixes came into the service last August when we launched Apple Music Radio, with new mixes being added every week.
    • Tommorowland, one of the biggest dance festivals on the planet, organized their first ever digital festivals in 2020 and 2021, Apple Music is the home to those DJ Mixes, and the home to an archive of the biggest moments from Tommorowland’s history
    • Mixmag is bringing in their archive of mixes, along with new mixes weekly
    • French livestream platform, Cercle is renowned for promoting cutting-edge live performances featuring world-famous DJs, in either remote or historically outstanding locations. A selection of Cercle’s most iconic DJ Mixes & Live Sets are available for Apple Music subscribers worldwide on a dedicated page with new mixes added regularly
    • Charlotte de Witte launched mixes in July, including an exclusive residency series, and a new exclusive fitness specific series.


  • Across Africa, Apple Music hosts over 100 mixes between South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana as independently produced mixes, Boiler Room mixes, and Apple Music’s One Mix and tentpole mix programs. These mixes can be found on their relevant category pages, and are all prominently featured on Apple Music’s Isgubhu – the service’s unique destination for African Dance and Electronic music.

Industry Quotes:

“This is a big moment for K7!. Through the partnership with Apple we finally have a place to celebrate DJ-Kicks with additional 14 editions which haven‘t been in the market for over 15 years.” – Horst Weidenmueller, Founder, Studio K7!

“Apple Music is the first platform that offers continuous mixes where there’s a fair fee involved for the artists whose tracks are included in the mixes and for the artist making those mixes. It’s a step in the right direction where everyone gets treated fairly. I’m beyond excited to have the chance to provide online mixes again. There’s a different approach to it compared to playing a peak time set in a club or at a festival. It enables me to, without any limits, offer an insight in my music collection.” – Charlotte De Witt

“In 1992 Mixmag invented the world’s first mix CD ‘Mixmag Live’ with Carl Cox and Dave Seaman. It changed mix-tape culture, ensuring for the first time that the music heard at raves and clubs could be bought and heard whilst the royalties were paid fairly to the featured artists and DJs. Now almost 30 years later Mixmag fully backs Apple Music’s new DJ Mix technology. Mixmag’s always recognised, showcased and empowered dance music producers – working with Apple Music continues our commitment to those artists. Ensuring DJs, producers, rights holders and suppliers are given long term financial pay outs from mixes containing their work is vital in our industry and Apple Music have just made that accessible to everyone.” – Nick Stevenson, Managing Director, Mixmag.

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