200 People Attend Omarion Concert in Namibia

What promised to be one of the biggest concerts on this year’s local entertainment calendar, headlined by acclaimed American RnB singer, Omarion, turned out to be a poorly attended event with only about 200 people, in Windhoek on Saturday.

According to news reaching us, the problem was not how the event was promoted, but the fact that Omarion’s team did not cooperate in convincing Namibians that he had arrived in Namibia and the show was on.

Many times Namibians have been left disappointed after heavily publicised shows by overseas artistes fail to materialise because the artistes withdraw at the last minute.

The organizers made numerous requests to the team to be proactive and convince Namibia that he was in Windhoek. They did not think it was necessary for him to prove that he was in the country after giving his word in promotional material he made available. He had posts on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat about his coming to Namibia,” he said.

“Omarion did not show up at the press conference, rumours about him having failed to come for the show spread like a veld fire. This is what we attribute to the low turnout at the show”.

Despite the small crowd, Omarion gave a stellar performance at his first concert in Namibia.

Omarion failed to attend a scheduled press conference and this was attributed to fatigue. However, a video of his arrival at the airport was already circulating widely on social media. The singer also posted about his arrival on his various social media accounts.

At the concert, he performed most of his popular songs like ‘Bump Bump Bump’, ‘Touch’ and ‘O’ among others. Omarion also gave fans popular hits like ‘Ice Box’ and ‘Distance’ which had the small crowd going crazy. He even made reference to the poor turnout, telling fans that “even if they are not here, we’ll still have a good time”.

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