Spread the loveReggae legend, Lucky Philip Dube is believed to have produced 22 albums before his death. Born on 3rd August 1964, he was... Top 10 Songs by Lucky Dube you should know as a DJ
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Reggae legend, Lucky Philip Dube is believed to have produced 22 albums before his death.

Born on 3rd August 1964, he was murdered in the Johannesburg suburb of Rosettenville on the evening of 18th October 2007.

Check out 10 of the most popular songs from Lucky Dube below.

1. Different Colors

This song was released off Lucky Dube’s Victims album (1993) and reappeared on the album Serious Reggae Business (1996). ‘Different Colors’ calls for an end to all forms of racial discrimination. His home country, South Africa had suffered years of Apartheid. Also in the tune, the artiste cautioned politicians against using politics to divide the nation.

2. Together As One

This track makes appearances on the album Captured Live (1990) and Serious Reggae Business (1996) though it first debuted in 1988. Lucky Dube called for unity while condemning the apartheid regime in South Africa.

3. The Way It Is

The tune is one of the most thought-provoking songs from the reggae artiste and features on his ‘The Way It Is’ album (1999). He chides African politicians for failing to fulfill campaign promises after they are elected. Lucky Dube reminds them that ultimate power resides in the people.

4. Slave

Slave was released in 1987 and was believed to be about alcoholism rather than apartheid. This is one of the most popular songs recorded by the reggae legend. The ‘Slave’ album sold over half a million copies, driving Lucky Dube’s music across continents.

5. It Is Not Easy

Peter Gabriel invited Lucky to participate in the Real World Recording Week in 1992 and joined him on stage at the 10th-anniversary Womad Festival. ‘It Is Not Easy’ is regarded as one of the emotional songs from Lucky Dube. The performance of Gabriel and Lucky marked the beginning of a new relationship that saw Lucky Dube join his friend on the Womad world tour.

6. Born to Suffer

Released in 1990, ‘Born to Suffer’ featured on the album ‘Captured Live’. The tune addresses the struggles of nationalists and activists fighting for the freedom of Africa.

7. Remember Me

This song was released while Lucky Dube was in prison and suffered great frustration and rejection. It features on his ‘The Prisoners’ album and had its lyrics released in 1989.

8. Back To My Roots

‘Back To My Roots’ is a classical reggae song released in 1989. The song called for the need to return to one’s root and also uphold the foundation of the human life including love and unity.

9. Is This Freedom
‘Is This Freedom’ features on his ‘Sol Taker’ album released in 2001. The song however is believed to have been recorded in 1968. The tune centers on having freedom but still contending numerous limitations.

10. Reggae Strong

This song was popular in the 90s at a time when South Africa experienced widespread political violence. On May 2 1991, 14 acts including Lucky Dube performed Reggae Strong for Peace Concert.

By: Maxwell Amoofia/ ghanadjawards.org


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