[Screenshot] DJ Shiwaawa responds to DJ Sly’s ‘not my level’ comment
2018 Ghana DJ Awards ‘Artiste DJ of the Year’, Shiwaawa has subtly responded to a recent comment made by DJ Sly regarding the ‘Battle of Our Time’. DJ Sly had stated that Ebony’s former DJ is not on the same pedigree with him. Hence, his decision to pull out... Read more
Just In: DJ Sly to Battle DJ Shiwaawa @ Ghana DJ Awards 2019 #BattleOfOurTime
Anticipation of the 2019 edition of the Ghana DJ Awards Festival just shot to the extreme top and here is why: Top Ghanaian DJs with incredible accolades, AVO DJ Shiwaawa and DJ Sly were confirmed for the Battle of Our Time spot on Wednesday. Associate DJ of RuffTown Records... Read more