DJ falls asleep in Uber and wakes up to ‘crazy’ bill

A DJ in the UK has woken up to a mammoth bill after falling asleep in an Uber after a big night out.

Chris Reed, whose DJ name is Plastician, was enjoying a night out in London before hopping into an Uber to take the journey home to Croydon, about 15km south of London.

The journey should take around 30 minutes by car.

But when DJ Plastician woke up after nodding off, he was in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, in the Midlands – about 230 km away from Croydon.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ said he had spent a week trying to get answers from Uber on why he had ended up in Lincolnshire and charged AUD2664 for a five-hour surge-price trip.

After posting the initial tweet, Uber Support posted a response apologising for the delay in investigating the matter.

“I have very little hope that Uber are actually going to do anything to amend the fare I was charged, because if anything (was going to) speed things up, you would think the world news reporting it would do it,” DJ Plastician responded.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the DJ said an Uber call centre staff member had confirmed that his home address was on the booking.

The fare was for a round trip back to Croydon after the DJ had woken up in Lincolnshire.

“Would this be classed as kidnapping?” one Twitter user remarked.

“You seem extremely composed for how absurd this situation was, I’m never drinking and ubering again,” observed another.


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